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  • Product Marketing Management

    PIN-UP.CRM marketing department uses its platform to customize segments, campaigns, promotions that is called a marketing tool.

    The product managers of the team help to improve and launch new functionalities on the platform to improve the performance of marketers. The marketing tool includes launching of all bonuses, promotions, tournaments, loyalty program, rewards store and all other campaigns to increase user engagement.

  • Regional Marketing Management

    The marketing department has separate regional marketing managers who are responsible for the development of different regions on the project, analyze the launched campaigns and suggest improvements.

    Tasks performed:

    • Collecting and analyzing market data.
    • Studying and analyzing the target audience (needs and trends, user behavior);
    • Designing strategies for promotion and brand development in markets (online and offline activities).
    • Writing plans/budgets and reporting on online, offline marketing activities.
    • Creating a competitive advantage.
    • Audit and optimization of channels for attracting users of the service.
    • Development of marketing and PR communications aimed at retaining and attracting new users of the service.
    • Management, coordination and control of the above tasks.
    locations on the platform
    modules on the platform
    global campaigns

    Content Marketing

    Content marketing specialists are divided into content team and copywriting team.

    Content managers and their team leaders are engaged in product and marketing content, filling websites with information, organizing promotions, tournaments, banners, quizzes, i-frames, cooperating with translators, working on global promotions, launching and improving KZ, UA, COM SPA, MGA projects.

    The team of copywriters, proofreaders and team leaders are responsible for preparation and proofreading of all text promotional materials in three languages - Russian, Ukrainian and English. They also work on improving Tone of voice, standard rules for promotions and tournaments, proofreading localizations on the site, developing new rules for copywriting and editing, controlling the quality level of translators' work, and working closely with regional managers.

    The content marketing team holds regular internal meetings, as well as ongoing meetings with the product quality assistant, cs, marketing, product, MT, QA teams. Our team works closely with project managers, product growth managers, SMM managers, and the SEO department.

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    Contact Center

    The PIN-UP contact center serves users in ten languages and has more than 1,000 employees.

    It includes several key areas: chat and social media; service support lines (inbound lines); retention; VIP department.

    Continuity and quality of service are supported by in-house tech support and service quality units.

    Staff recruitment and training are in-house training and recruiting teams located directly at the locations.

    Support of employees in the PIN-UP lifecycle process is provided by the internal HR department.

    Close interaction with the project departments as a whole – such as legal, analytics, marketing, risk, etc. provide information and service support relevant to PIN-UP users.

  • SMS

    Email Marketing Management

    Email Marketing Managers are responsible for setting up mailings via email, sms, push notifications with careful analysis of user segments and giving them a bonus accordingly. Colleagues do everything to improve results and product development with increasing turnover and raising metrics.

  • Retention management

    This department in the company is engaged in increasing user retention rates, aiming to improve and increase the performance through user segmentation.

    The developed internal marketing tools help to analyze the launched mailings and increase user engagement on the project.

    texted per year
    promotional activities carried out over the last year
    letters sent per year
    large promotions conducted reaching over 1,300,000 users


    SMM team solves image and business problems of the ecosystem in all top social networks.

    new subscribers
    engagement (likes, reposts, comments)

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